Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visit to Logos Hope - The floating bookstore

Last Saturday we went to visit Logos Hope- The Floating BookStore.. why it is called the floating bookstore? because...

the bookstore is in the ship... cool!!!

sila masuk... jangan malu-malu :)
enrtance fee is RM1/adult, child below 12 is FREE


going thru the introduction and videos about Logos Hope

ni la stereng kapal..

ni nak buat tengok anak bulan  :p

Logos Hope

apakah ini?

ni nama dia Barometer... ada explanation on the  use

ni pulak nama dia Sextant.... 

one of the volunteer performing magic

new buddies ... David

the store... already packed eventhough it is only 11am

bola kecik pun ada jual

meet new friend... Sarah and Gloria

We love having you!!!

they teach art too...



live music while you are enjoying the cookies

dalam banyak-banyak benda... spider yang menjadi pilihan... 

ew spent almost 3hrs on the deck. It is a new experienced for us... and we bought a few books.

enough for today.... intan rizal

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