Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello from Mekong

Went for short trip to saigon.. and had a day trip to Mekong river. Had a good and full of new experience for the trip especially with the 3 kind of boats as our ride... the big boat, medium boat and small boat...

the hotel where VietSea tour agency is.

onboard the bus

the rest area - Mekong Rest Stop

our first taxi - the big boat

bee farm at the first island

honey + tea + lime - ermmm.... refreshing!

live music entertainment.. they even sing indonesian song for us!

moving to 2nd island , our small boat

the lady behind is one of the 'rower', and they are superfast!

raw coconut candy on the table, before it is going to be cut.

snake wine anyone?

our third taxi moving to the last island for lunch - medium boat

deep fried fish, fried with coconut milk... we did not order this after we saw the menu..

anybody would like to try?

my transportation..

eggshell art

sem-ifinished good...

.... intan rizal

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