Friday, November 18, 2011

FAmily Expansion

No!No...  not our family (not for now), but ourUncle's family :)

Last weekend was a hectic weekend for us as there are 2 weddings. So our Saturday and Sunday is fully occupied.. On Saturday is Kakak Ella's wedding in Teluk Air Tawar. This is the first  menantu for Pak Su's family, it make everybody exited and nervous... Alhamdulillah, everything went well and oh! this is only the kenduri akad nikah, the reception will be held this Christmas... whoa!! need to go and find more baju!!!

The Bride.. Congratulatino Kakak Ella!!!

pengapit yg chubby..

sempat berSMS lagi tu...

pengantin kecil???/


Pengantin yg sentiasa baru...


Next, kenduri in Sg. Bakap on Sunday.. Tahniah Syafeeq...


meja pengantin

3 bersaudara...

langit gelap.. nasib baik tak jadi hujan.

nanti nak practice buat icing rose..

ribut pulak!!

And it conclude our weekend....

enough for today.... intan rizal

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