Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Girls Has grown Up

Today I know that The Grils has grown up as they have started to be more independent... today is their second day going to Kelas Mengaji by bicycle and the first day on their own. Yesterday i escorted them half way (i kena tinggal as i'm walking ) and Atta escorted them back.

I know that they will take care of each other but I still ada rasa risau dan gusar which i guess it is normal. I know that I have to learn to let them go slowly and let them be more independent. That is what my parents did to me and I'm glad they did that.... so, I want to let my Girls learn about life more and face the reality while both of us giving our full support to them. No more manja-manja :D

enough for today.... intan rizal


CA said...

Zahirnya kita wase depa dah dlm hati they still baby...itulah aku..huhu..

IntanRizal said...

tu la kan che un..... we are still baby inside...