Friday, June 10, 2011

Visit to Pulau Telor, Yan, Kedah

Last saturday received a call from Abg An, asking if we would like to join him on a trip to on of the 4 islands in Yan, Kedah (my kampung) on Monday. We say yes immediately as been a long time since the last skype session with Abg An and family and the Girls missed their kak belle, Man and not to forget Abg Amir....

so, Monday 6 june 2011, woke up at 5.45am, eventhough it is holiday and woke up the Girls at 6am... very eager with the picnic plan.. both of them woke up with no yada-yada. By 7.30am we are ready on the road heading to Yan... Hubby drove as fast as he can as we don't want to be late...

8.30am, we reach the meeting point, rumah Afina... we were surprised as Liza n the kids still in their 'kelambu' lazing.... Hubby check the schedule again and smile... it is supposed to be 9.30am.. we are 1 hour earlier.. :D

no, problem. Hubby took the opportunity to nap on the hammock under the coconut tree... with the morning breeze... while me and the Girls ronda-ronda kampung. 9.30am sharp the first group went to the jetty to depart to Pulau Telor... change of schedule, we will be on the 2nd trip instead of the 1st one.

10.30am Abg An received calls saying that trip has been delayed as they have to wait for high tide.. and it is only expected to be around 11am.... we waited patienly at the meeting point..

11.30am get a message that the first group were just departed.. so have to wait another 1 hour... everybody's hungry, we had our pre-picnic under the coconut tree at Afina's house.. we had nasi lemak.. yummmy!!!

12.00noon depart to the jetty, this time we took everybody even the 3rd group...  reached jetty around 12.10n and load the food into the boat and 9 people... Abg. An, Liza, Afin, Balkis and Suti had to wait for the next trip as the boat has fully loaded... at 12.20 waved goodbye to the last trip group..


Bye!!!! we are going to Pulau Telor!!!

First time on a boat!

That is our destination..

When we reached there the first group has already set up the tent and also place to lepak. Un load the food and SERANG!!!!!... we ate again... the the boat left us to pick up the third group.... after a while we saw the boat in the middle of the sea... uh oh!!!... smells trouble...
true enough, the engine is having trouble, so, the third trip has to satisfy with only picnic under the coconut tree... pity Abg An and Liza... :( it is ok, we can go again next holiday....

coral collected by Aisha n Man

me capturing the dead coral...

banyak sampah... people! pls bring along your rubbish when you left the island!!
we managed to clear some of the rubbish there...

run!!! the water is going to eat my feet!!!!

yaho!!!! aisha is brave enough to go into the water now!!! Bali, wait for us!


at 5.00pm our ride arrived and we started to packed our stuff... at 5.30pm we says goodbye to Pulau Telor....

Soyonara... we will be here again!!!!

Pulau Telor... we'll be back!!
What a journey and experience for the Girls as this is their first time swimming in the ocean... :)

enough for today.... intan rizal


dharan don said...

hi,nak tanya sikit..berape caj untk boat ke pulau telur??

IntanRizal said...

Hi Dharan,
Sorry i;m not sure on the boat charges. We were on our family boat for the trip.

dharan don said...

oh okie,so long was the journey??
if we would like to take a boat are there any1 who are providing such service there??
thanks alot for the info..