Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jalan-jalan Jan 2011

We were here during the weekend. Arrived there at 9.05am, bought the ticket at 9.15am and already in the line at the entrance at 9.30am. The door was opened only at 10.10am.... but it is wort the waiting as the kids enjoyed themselves... so do I.. now I know that I still have the guts to go on the ride :-)
We were there until 6.30pm... really utilized the quality time there... Shrek 4D show is a must for everybody.. it is really entertaining and full of surprises.

Too bad this ride is still under testing... it is ok.. I will surely be on it if we re-visit the place ;-)

This is how the ride looks like and it comprises of 2 ride... it will sure try both ride... written there that it is as high as 14 storey building..... Battlestar Galactica, wait for me!!!!

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