Saturday, February 27, 2010


Happy birthday Aisha!!!!! Today my baby turned 6... time flies. Aisha is a simple girl... she ask for lunch at Nasi Kandar for her birthday, as she wants to eat Chicken Kurma n Nasi..... so sweet. No cakes and party... so, off we go to Shah Alam to pick up Mangah and we had our birthday lunch at Barra Nasi Kandar @ seksyen 7. Nice place and food. Lupa nak ambik gambar la pulak, sebab tengah lapar sangat and nak memujuk Girl yang merajuk sebab Aisha tak nak lunch kat Kenny Rogers or Subway.

After lunch, hantar Mangah balik and off we go to Mydin to do grocerries... Girl dah tak merajuk dah sebab dah dapat her favourite choclate and air Yess... on the way nak balik singgah kat kiosk yang jual kasut Crocs. Adik merajuk sebab tak belikan satu kat dia... she wanted the same shoes as Girl n color purple as she claimed that she loves purple now other than blue.

Now close to 10pm, the girls dah sleepy and about to call off the day... so, do I.... So, today we had a very simple Birthday for Aisha... Happy Birthday Adik!!!! Ummi n Atta loves you very much!

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Rizal said...

hepi besday aisha!!!